Our Vision

Ma'ati Village: The Future of Ra Sekhi Arts Temple

The Ra Sekhi Arts Temple Retreat and Healing Center  is a Holistic Healing Compound, a self sustainable community where our members can truly experience the freedom to live in harmony with nature and each other in MAAT- order, balance, and righteousness.

Our mission is to create a community that will provide a caring learning environment for ourselves and others to come and heal from dis-eases of the body, mind, and spirit. This community will be eco-friendly and will include the use of solar energy, organic farming and other natural resources and techniques to ensure sustainability.  We will offer events, classes, retreats, natural healing products, and a variety of holistic healing modalities  We intend to create a healthy environment for children, individuals, and families to come throughout the year to learn, share, heal and experience the beauty of and reconnect with Mother Earth