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Live online classes taught by Rekhit Kajara Nebthet, founder of Ra Sekhi Arts Temple.

We have a NO REFUND policy for classes. Payments made are not refundable but may be used towards another class.  

A Rising Nation class

This class is for healers, practitioners and leaders in the community to learn a code of ethics to protect the community and ourselves.

Alternative Therapy

Reiki for Racism

This class is for those who want to release racist and oppressive thought patterns and behaviors using healing reiki energy. 


Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki 
Level 1 Online

Jan 17 - Mar 21


8pm-10pm EST


Class topics include:

Laws & Attributes of Maat

Heart Healing

Detoxing the Body

Detoxing the Mind

The Aura

Major & Minor Chakras

Energy Healing

Color Therapy

Breathing Techniques

Ancestral Altars

& much more

 Kemetic Reiki level 1 will give you tools and techniques to heal your mind, body and spirit. Learn Ancient techniques to heal yourself and others using Kemetic Reiki, one of the oldest forms of healing.  Kemetic Reiki uses universal and personal energy as well as ancient techniques to heal the mind, body and spirit. It is helpful for Mothers, caretakers, nurses, those who work with others & those who want to heal themselves of pain, trauma, stress, depression and other illnesses.

This is an 10 week journey into self healing.  
Class will meet online every Tuesday evening at 8 pm.
Please be on time.
When you register we will send an email with information to help you prepare for the class.

Register now to reserve your space, spaces are limited.

Click here to purchase your book.

This is a pre-requisite for Kemetic Reiki Level 2.

Tuition includes class instruction, attunement & self healing session.
Lodging is not included.

Weekly Payment Plan


Full Payment



Become a certified Kemetic Reiki practitioner in our Kemetic Reiki level 2  Online class. Level 2 will give you tools to heal yourself  and others using natural techniques. Level 2 will also give you tools to assist you in setting up your business as a Kemetic Reiki practitioner. 


This class will meet on Wednesday for 10 weeks. It is an interactive class that will require you to get healing tools for your practice. Level 2 Online will also include personal healing and bio feedback training for self and others.

Kemetic Reiki Level 2 will give you tools and techniques to help you heal yourself and others safely and effectively. Upon completion of Level 2 classes we will meet for the attunement, healing sessions and certification ceremony.

Register now to reserve your space, spaces are limited.

Click here to purchase your book.

Tuition includes class instruction, attunement & self healing session.
Lodging is not included.

Weekly Payment Plan


Full Payment


Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki 
Level 2 Online

Oct 18 - Dec 20


8pm-10pm EST


You will learn our traditional techniques of energy healing including: 

Virtues of the Initiate

Energy meridians

Ear candling



Sound Therapy

Crystals Therapy

Earth Purification

Healing Sessions

Group Healing

Business Startup

Spiritual Protection 

& much more


A Rising Nation Class
Dec 14
8 to 10 pm

A Rising Nation Class was created because their is a need to have a code of ethics for those who work with the community to stay in Maat  (balance, harmony & order).

 We will have an interactive discussion to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what is and what is not acceptable when working to assist others on their healing journey.  Having and reading the book is a requirement for the class. 

This class is facilitated by Rekhit Kajara Nebthet & Rekhit Aura

Book is not included

Register Now  for only $30

Reiki for Racism
Jan 15 - Feb 5
10 - 12 pm


Registration for Reiki for Racism class.  This 4 part class will be held online via zoom.  Every Sunday 10am -12 pm.  The focus of the class is to share how we can use energy healing techniques to help heal ancestral patterns of those who benefit from colonialism, racism, male domination, etc. 

The class is meant to help break old patterns of oppression and racism an to encourage better interactions with people of different races and backgrounds.  Some main topics include identifying racist behavior patterns, making amends, forgiveness, using rituals to heal & ancestral healing.

Total price for class is $500

Register Now  for only $99

balance must be paid before Jan 15th.

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