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Classes are taught by Rekhit Kajara Nebthet, founder of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple.

We promote the restoration of MAAT (righteousness) on the planet, starting with the individual. RA Sekhi teaches us how to master and manipulate our power. We generate power through our thoughts, words, and actions. We possess power in our hands which can create, program, heal, and manifest the things we want in our lives. Energy transcends time and space so it can help us connect and harmonize our past, present, and future life experiences. When we connect with RA, Universal life energy, we connect with the universe therefore, we are able to project our thoughts, words, and actions outside of our physical body. You can connect with some of your past life experiences as well as project yourself to other places through your connection with RA, Sekhmet & your Ra Sekhi work.

Register for class to learn Ancient techniques to heal yourself and others using Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki, one of the oldest forms of healing. Kemetic Reiki uses universal & personal energy and will give you tools and techniques to heal your mind, body and spirit. It is helpful for mothers, caretakers, nurses, those who work with others & those who want to heal themselves of pain, trauma, stress, depression and other illnesses.


If you wish to set up a payment plan for your class, please send an email to begin the payment plan process.


Cut off times are 24 hours prior to class beginning.

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