Our online classes are designed to assist with your spiritual development.  Learn ancient tools & techniques to help balance your mind, body and spirit,  in your own time and space. Classes are pre-recorded & instructed by Rekhit Kajara Nebthet.  

Kemetic Reiki Level 1


Learn valuable tools to heal yourself and family using energy, colors, Spirit Guides, symbols and more.    This is an opportunity to take level 1 class in your own home via class recordings.  After you view the classes and feel ready you can schedule your virtual attunement.  Level 1 book is not included.  To purchase the book click here  Tuition is $199 for over five hours of recordings. 

Bath Magic


This workshop will include a discussion on spiritual baths.  We will discuss the herbs and crystals used, and their purpose and effects in specific baths.  We will discuss different waters and oils that can be added to baths.  We will include words of power and other details to make your spiritual baths powerful.  

Pendulum Use


This workshop will include info about the magical pendulum.  The pendulum can be a wonderful spiritual tool to enhance your intuition.  We will share instruction on how to use the pendulum, practical uses and more.  Join us and increase your psychic abilities.   

Altar Magic


This workshop will share details about setting up and maintaining an Altar, according to traditional Afrikan spiritual systems.  We will discuss items for altars, offerings, altar activation and more.  Workshop is held via webinar, conference call is available.  View the recording now.

Ancestral Libation


This workshop will discuss the importance of working with ancestors and how to begin to work with them.  We will include how to pour libation, how to build and maintain your ancestral altar, how to make offerings and the purpose of making offerings. 




This workshop will dicuss herbs, essential oils and incense and how to use them to enhance your environment.  We will discuss everyday ways to use essential oils for healing, recipes and more.  Recording link will be sent when you purchase.  

Crystals for Protection


Tips to activate your home, family and surroundings with crystal work. Discussion will center around protection from the evil eye, psychic vampires and psychic attacks. discussion will also occur around how to ward off harmful people and enemies as well as how to use crystals to attract the kind of energy you desire from people and spaces you enter. Video is 1 hr 30 mins.

Crystals for Lower Chakras


This workshop will discuss the lower chakras, Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus, from a Kemetic perspective. Discussion will center around the plants, foods, herbs, and crystals for each of the lower chakras and how to utilize them. This session includes an interactive meditation and activation for your crystals. Participants will find a boost of energy follows, increase health and vitality plus increased awareness of self and environment

Crystals for Higher Chakras


Discusses the four upper chakras, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown from a Kemetic perspective. Discussion will center around the plants, foods, herds and crystals for each of the higher chakras and how to utilize them. THe session includes an interactive meditation and activation for your crystal work. Participants will feel a full flow of energy from root to crown once this activation takes place. Video is 1 hr 45 mins.

African Spirituality


This class will dive into African Spirituality and a discussion on Creation stories, spirit and spirituality. We will also discuss different tribes and some of their spiritual traditions to help ones to overstand the connection we have to the Divine and each other.


This workshop will describe traditional African rites of passage for men and women to help us understand our roles as men and women in community. We will discuss the character and qualities of men and women in a traditional African society.

Manifestation Meditation


This is an 1111 Manifestation Meditation that created waves of shifts in the lives of those who participated.  It includes a meditation, discussion and more that can be helpful to you in creating the life you want, reaching your goals and making things happen.  This is a 1 hr recording.


If you need help with finishing and publishing a book this class is for you. Rekhit Kajara Nebthet will share a step by step process for writing your book and self publishing to reach customers around the world. Learn things to help you ease through the process. She is has published 11 books, including three children's books, that she published and manages distribution for. This is a two hour class.


This workshop will share traditional ways to keep your body and home in balance.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness so we have to make sure that we are doing our best to keep our selves and our homes clean and clear from toxins, germs and negative energy.


Class will focus on common herbs that everyone should know to build your immune system, prevent disease, add nutrients and more. We will talk about care for wounds, colds, detoxing and keeping the family healthy.

Ear Candling


Ear candling is an ancient technique used to clear the ear canals and the head.  Learn to give a ear candling session to yourself and others.  We will discuss safety, oils and techniques to clear the ears of wax and mucus.  Recording will be sent to you when you purchase.

Living with an African Mind


The topic for this meeting is African centered or Afrocentric. This is the first in the series of Sekhmet Healing Tribe meetings. The goal of the tribe is to educate and restore our culture, traditions and lifestyle. For more information visit us online www.rasekhihealing.com

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