Winter Solstice Detox

Dec 14 - 21

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Join us for our seven day Winter Solstice Cleanse Dec 14-21. 

This is a toxin cleanse

We will fast from all toxic foods and pollutants for this cleanse.

 NO meat, dairy, fried food, fast food, packaged food, sugar, white flour, bread, rice, wheat noodles, soda, coffee, smoking, drinking, TV, microwave, (if your social media life is toxic take a break), etc. The purpose of this toxin cleanse is to prepare for the upcoming season and change in the weather.


 Fasting will allow your body an opportunity to release toxins, parasites and wastes from your colon and body. Fasting is a traditional way to purify your body and add overall wellness to your life.

 This is a special fast plan to only consume: soup, salad, smoothies, fruit, tea, beans, nuts, seeds for seven days. 


We are encouraging everyone who joins to plenty of drink liquids only during the cleanse. We will commit to consuming purified water, tea, smoothies and fresh juices to purify our bodies to prepare for the winter season. We will share our energy and support each other during this process, which makes it easier to complete. 


Some of the benefits of the fast include: better digestion, more energy, clear thoughts, increase in psychic powers and more.


You can receive guidance and support during this detox from our Temple Seba/teachers


  • Daily emails

  • Affirmations

  • Recipes

  • Suggested menus

  • Support Videos from our team

What's included

  • Regular emails

  • Affirmations

  • Recipes

  • Suggested menus

  • Support Videos from our team

  • Addition to our private group

Some Benefits of a Detox

  • Weight loss

  • Increase in energy

  • Helps build immune system

  • Clearer skin

  • Release toxic emotions

  • Improved thinking

  • Enhances spiritual connection

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