11th Annual Summer Solstice Detox

June 1st - 21st

join us for our 21 Day Raw Food Detox

Take some time to purify yourself!

Detoxing will give you an opportunity to release toxins, parasites and wastes from your colon and body.

Fasting is a traditional way to purify your body and add overall wellness to your life.

    This is a 21 Day Raw Food fast.  We are encouraging everyone who joins to eat raw, live, non gmo foods. 80 - 100 % of your meals should not be cooked food. During the liquid time drink purified water, smoothies, fresh juice, teas & tonics.


We will focus on clearing our digestive system and colon during this fast.  We encourage everyone to drink and eat as much fruits as possible during this time to facilitate cleansing.

We will share our energy and support with each other during this process, which makes it easier to complete. 
You will receive an email with details to begin as we get closer to the detox date.

Fresh Green Dip

some benefits of the fast

  • Better digestion

  • Builds immune system

  • Increase in energy

  • Mental clarity

  • Emotional balance

  • Better quality rest

  • Increase in intuition

Join in for just $30 & receive a Free Recipe Ebook

Citrus Fruits


Greetings Nia Yaa and the Rasekhi Temple community! 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the 21 day Spring Detox. It was my first time doing it and it has been worth it! It helped me practice discipline and gave me more energy throughout the day. I feel spiritually uplifted. I have also learned so much throughout the journey with the rich and varied resources you shared.


The added bonus was shedding 15 pounds! I'm excited to cook and share the various recipes you included. I am grateful for you because 21 days later I'm even more committed to my health and wellness. I currently eat vegetarian foods and I am committed to learning more to boost my physical health and spiritual well being. This has certainly been a good investment and money well spent."


We did it! 

Ankh udja Seneb

Sincerely, AYANA
Clarity is Power!