Our retreats are a time to share, grow, learn, expand, evolve and heal.  We have facilitated over 20 retreats since 2010, intiating over 200 people into Kemetic Reiki.  Each retreat is unique, uplifting and life changing. Dates and Locations may change.  We have a no refund policy on retreats.  

If dates or availability changes, we will apply all payments made towards future classes or products.   

Tropical Veranda

“Every day I thank the Source of All for blessing me with the opportunity to be used as a vehicle for the work that I do--healing through the modality known as Ra Sekhi. It is powerful energy work, and the training I have received from Mut Kajara is serving me, and especially my clients, very well. Ankh Udja Seneb!

 MutShat Shemsut/Gianprem

Bronx, New York


Ra Sekhi is the Truth.  It is one of the many principles of nature/neteru that must be utilized to strengthen our bodies, minds and spirits  The Ra Sekhi training and private sessions I received helped me in many ways.The many clients that I have given Ra Sekhi to have come back to me with positive life changing stories that helped them to get back on track with their life's mission.God Bless our divine anointed Sister and Rekhit Kajara for waling the path of self development.   Her Divine Appointment to present Ra Sekhi courses and retreats are shining example of what each and every one of us can do when we are living the prinicples of Maat. May every child, woman and man enter the gates to awaken their god given talents, gifts and abilities with peace, health, love, joy and abundance.

Kim Yokely

Atlanta, Georgia