Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are traditionally done when children are born or for those who receive a Spiritual or African Name. When a child is born usually a reading is done to determine the energy that the child comes here with. The name of the child should be in alignment with their energy and every time they hear their named called it should reaffirm their purpose for being here in this time. 

During a Naming Ceremony one receives blessings from the community, family, ancestors and Priest that facilitates the ceremony. Our ceremony includes a community ritual to help define the village that will contribute to the child's upbringing and support of the parents. 

​The Ra Sekhi Arts Temple Retreat and Healing Center will be a traditional village that appeals to earth friendly lifestyles.  We have the ability to heal ourselves with the proper nutrition and healing techniques when given the correct environment, and we intend to serve those who are striving to return to a state of health. 

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