Kemetic Reiki Level 2

Dec 4 & 5

Atlanta, GA

Become a certified Kemetic Reiki practitioner in our Kemetic Reiki level 2 class.  You will learn our traditional techniques of energy healing including: sound therapy, crystal therapy and pendulum use, group healing and more in this class. 

Everyone who participates will receive a powerful group healing session and have an opportunity to practice our healing  techniques during class. 

This class is powerful and helpful for anyone who practices energy healing, massage therapy or other healing modalities. 

It will give you tools you can use for as long as you choose to help others heal their minds, bodies and spirits.


Benefits Of Level 2 Class

  • Understanding of Crystals

  • Understanding of Sound Therapy

  • Understanding of Pendulums

  • Increase in spiritual connection

  • Increase in intuition

  • Increase in Spiritual Protection

  • Group Healing Session

  • Connection with true self

  • Increase in Vitality


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Kemetic Reiki Level 2 Will Give You Tools and Techniques to Help Heal Others....

Level 2 class includes:

Level 2 book


Class instruction

Practitioner Certificate

Healing Session

Sound Therapy

Crystals Therapy

Bio Feedback Therapy

What's Not Included




Cancellation Policy:  We have a NO REFUND policy for classes.  

Payments made are not refundable but may be used towards another class.  

Dr Afivi Adiro

Phoenix, AZ

I was certified by Mut Kajara Nebthet in Ra Sekhi levels 1 & 2 last year and I have to say that she is a master in her field of work. She is so knowledgable of our ancient Ancestral traditions and you can tell that she also puts the things she teaches into practice in her own life, based on the intimate stories and examples she gives to help you understand the lesson. After her classes you will be so connected to the what you learned that you can immediately use in your own life. Also, like a loving mother she prepares sacred space beautifully, brings down ancestors, and energies though chants and songs (which she will teach you) all before she facilitates powerful rituals to get all necessary work done for the day. I can honestly say that after taking a class with her you will leave feeling healed, and educated in an ancient healing system you can use in all situations.

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