Kemetic Reiki level 1 will give you tools and techniques to heal your mind, body and spirit.


Level 1 class includes:

Purification spiritual bath

Personal health consultation

Healing tips

Breathing Techniques

Aura clearing

Chakra balancing

Palm therapy


Level 1 Certificate

Benefits of Level 1

Increase in energy

Increase in intuition

Increase in sensitivity

Increase in spiritual connection

Less pain

Less stress

Less depression

Connection with true self

Feeling more relaxed & balanced

Ra Sekhi Healing Weekend
in Chicago
May 1 - 3
Heart Healing Ritual
8 to 10 pm
Kemetic Reiki Level 1
10 to 3 pm
Kemetic Reiki Level 2
Saturday  4- 7pm
Sunday  10 - 3pm
Kemetic Reiki Level 1
Learn Ancient techniques to heal yourself and others using Kemetic Reiki, one of the oldest forms of healing.  Kemetic Reiki uses universal and personal energy as well as ancient techniques to heal the mind, body and spirit.
This is a level 1 intensive about energy healing techniques for self healing.  We discuss the 42 Laws of Maat, breathing techniques, how to clear your karma, release stress, release pain and more. 
This class is taught by Rekhit Kajara Nebthet the founder of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple.  She will offer a 30 minute personal health consultation to all participants.  You can choose to do the consultation before or after the class.
Level 1 is helpful for Mothers, caretakers, nurses and others who want to heal themselves of pain, trauma, stress, depression and other illnesses.

Class will start at 10 am please be on time.

When you register we will send an email with information to help you prepare for the class.


Classes will be held at

9501 s. Dorchester

Chicago IL


Register now to reserve your space, spaces are limited.

Monthly Payments

Level 1 Full Payment $299

Level 2 Full

Payment $500

Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Level 2


Become a certified Kemetic Reiki practitioner in our Kemetic Reiki level 2 class.  You will learn our traditional techniques of energy healing including: sound therapy, crystal therapy and pendulum use, group healing and more in this class. 

Everyone who participates will receive a powerful group healing session and practice our healing  techniques during class. 

This class is powerful and helpful for anyone who practices energy healing, massage therapy or other healing modalities.

What's Included

Level 2 book


Class instruction

Practitioner Certificate

Healing Session

What's Not Included




Benefits of Level 2 class

Increase in energy

Increase in intuition

Increase in sensitivity

Increase in spiritual connection

Techniques to help others

Spiritual protection tools

Crystal therapy

Group healing session

More confidence in healing ability

Cancellation Policy:  We have a NO REFUND policy for classes.   Payments made are not refundable but may be used towards another class.  

Nefert Ra Seshat

Atlanta, GA

Blessings to the Ra Sekhi Family Dua Mut Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet The Ancestors connected me to Ra Sekhi healing 12/2015 and my life has shifted. I now have a closer connection to the Ancestors and through this connection I am healing. I have been provided with the tools to tap into the source and project the healing energy to those who are open to receive. As I use my person to deliver the energy from the One Most High (OHM) I am activating my chakras and increasing my Spiritual Power. My health has improved, my sense of self worth has improved and my knowing of my Divinity is ever present. I have attracted others to assist them in their Healing as I continue to heal myself. The gifts I have received from Ra Sekhi are priceless. Dua Great Mother Sekhmet for your Love, Power, Healing and Peace in any state of chaos. Yah Sekhmet Dua Ntr Amen Ra Maat

Dr Afivi Adiro

Phoenix, AZ

I was certified by Mut Kajara Nebthet in Ra Sekhi levels 1 & 2 last year and I have to say that she is a master in her field of work. She is so knowledgable of our ancient Ancestral traditions and you can tell that she also puts the things she teaches into practice in her own life, based on the intimate stories and examples she gives to help you understand the lesson. After her classes you will be so connected to the what you learned that you can immediately use in your own life. Also, like a loving mother she prepares sacred space beautifully, brings down ancestors, and energies though chants and songs (which she will teach you) all before she facilitates powerful rituals to get all necessary work done for the day. I can honestly say that after taking a class with her you will leave feeling healed, and educated in an ancient healing system you can use in all situations.

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​The Ra Sekhi Arts Temple Retreat and Healing Center will be a traditional village that appeals to earth friendly lifestyles.  We have the ability to heal ourselves with the proper nutrition and healing techniques when given the correct environment, and we intend to serve those who are striving to return to a state of health. 

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