Kemetic Reiki Level 1
Online for Youth
Wednesday nights
12 -2 pm est
July 21 - Aug 11
Kemetic Reiki Level 1
Learn Ancient techniques to heal yourself and others using Kemetic Reiki, one of the oldest forms of healing.  Kemetic Reiki uses universal and personal energy as well as ancient techniques to heal the mind, body and spirit.
This level 1 online class is specialized for young people.  We will share basic info about energy healing techniques for self healing.  We discuss the 42 Laws of Maat, breathing techniques, how to clear your karma, release stress, release pain and more. 
This class is an 5 week class that is crafted for teens ages 12 - 16 taught by Rekhit Kajara Nebthet the founder of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple & Seba Ashley Heggins.

Class will start at 12 pm please be on time.

When you register we will send an email with information to help you prepare for the class.

Register now to reserve your space, spaces are limited.

Payment Plan

(4 Monthly Payments)


Full Payment $250

Cancellation Policy:  We have a NO REFUND policy for classes.   Payments made are not refundable but may be used towards another class.  

Benefits of Level 1 class

Increase in energy

Increase in intuition

Increase in sensitivity

Increase in spiritual connection

Less pain

Less stress

Less depression

Connection with true self

Feeling more relaxed & balanced

Kemetic Reiki level 1 will give you tools and techniques to heal your mind, body and spirit.


Level 1 class includes:

Integrity & Morals

Meditation tips

Healing tips

Breathing Techniques

Aura clearing

Chakra balancing

Energy Healing

Color Therapy


Level 1 Certificate