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Journey to Kemet with
Ra Sekhi Arts Temple
Oct 12, 2023 - Oct 23, 2023
Cairo, Egypt
​*dates are subject to change*

Time to recharge & rejuvenate ourselves with an adventure to

the Sacred Sites of Kemet.

Join us for our 2nd tour of Kemet aka Egypt and Nubia, will focus on reconnecting with the divine culture and spiritual energy of our Ancient Ancestors. 

  • $4200 - payment plans available

  • 4 Flights: Round trip airfare from JFK

  • 13 Individual Sites in 12 Cities

  • 5-Star Cruise

  • 2 Luxurious 5-Star Hotels

  • Vegetarian & Vegan Meal option available

**Special access to recently discovered tomb**
**Excavation site not yet open to public**


The Mothership Institute

created by Seba Mawusi Ashshakir, Master Teacher & Practitioner, is on board as a host for this Journey to Kemet. 

Sacred Sites for our Tour

  • Meru (pyramids) of Giza

  • Sakkara and Dahshur Necropolis

  • **Special access to new tomb excavation site**

  • Museum in Cairo with over 120,000 artifacts

  • Temple of Auset in Philae

  • Temples of Ra Messu II and Nefertari in Abu Simbel, Khanit (Nubia)

  • Nubian Village near Abu (Elephantine Island),Aswan

  • Sobek Crocodile Temple and Museum in Kom Ombo

  • Temple of Heru in Edfu

  • Temple of Seti in Abdju (Abydos)

  • Temple of Het Heru in Denderah (original zodiac)

  • Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

  • Valley of the Kings

  • Temple of Amen, Amenet and Mut in Apet Asut and Apet Rese


US citizens need a valid U.S. passport with at least six months validity beyond intended stay, to enter Egypt.

Make two photocopies of your passport. Leave one copy at home and carry the other separately from original.Visa: U.S. and Canadian citizens need a visa to enter Egypt. It is purchased upon arrival at the airport in Egypt. This is covered in the tour cost.


Non U. S. /Canadian Citizens are responsible to fulfill appropriate entry requirements of destination.Contact your consulate office for requirements.


AIRLINE FARES:Airline fares are subject to change. Fares are only guaranteed upon final payment and ticketing. A rise in airfares may result in a fluctuation of tour rates.


VACCINATIONS: Vaccinations are not required. Proof of a negative PCR Covid test is not required to enter Egypt. At this time the Egyptian government is not accepting vaccination cards from the US. Even if you are vaccinated you still must submit a negative PCR test to enter the country.


Double Occupancy - $4800

 Single Occupancy - $4200

Choose the payment option that works for you.
Make a deposit to reserve your space $500 balance is due 9/1/23.

Make 6 monthly payments of $700 or

Pay in full $4200.

Options to pay in full do not require a trip deposit.
To book a Double Occupancy Room & Rate you do not need a roommate in advance. One will be assigned to you based on compatibility.
The deposit fee is non-refundable for
cancellations. If you decide to cancel your reservations 60 days prior to departure dates, a cancellation charge of 50% of your payment will be levied.

For cancellations between 60 and 30 days prior to departure dates, 60% of your payment will be non-refundable. 

For cancellations less than 30 days prior to the departure dates, 75% of your payment will be non-refundable. 

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