Nefer Nehast

Nov 30 - Dec 5, 2019

Portland, Jamaica

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Jamaica is a beautiful island known for having "irie" happy, peaceful energy.   The beautiful, lush green plants and clear blue waters create the perfect environment for healing, rejuvenation and transformation.

This is our 4th Annual Nefer Nehast retreat in Portland, Jamaica.  Portland is an area rich in history, culture and beautiful waterfalls.  We will experience the beauty of Portland including everything from the fresh fruits & veggies, the beaches, the pure water, the market, the mountains and the blue lagoon.  It will be a full and fun healing experience. 

This retreat will focus on self healing.  We will include powerful healing and purifying rituals to create harmony, balance and wellness for each participant.

If you are ready to release, heal and grow this retreat is for you.  


  • 6 days/5 nights

  • Kemetic Reiki Level 1 Class

  • Attunement

  • Ancestor Ceremony

  • Earth Purification

  • Beach Day

  • Waterfall Adventure

  • Lodging

  • Raw vegan meals

  • Kemetic Reiki Level 1 book

We will stay in a resort minutes from the ocean, perfect for rest and relaxation.  Airfare  is not included. Transportation on the island is included.




This beautiful retreat set in the rich spiritual atmosphere of Jamaica will recharge and rejuvenate you through healing sessions and ceremonies.

We will stay at the Match Resort, a lovely family owned property with an ocean view. Rooms and bathrooms are shared.  There are 2 people per room.



Limited space is available as we are staying at a luxury resort.   "Limited" being the key... Your full payment is your confirmation so, reserve now and fully pay early!

Register now to reserve your space.


Total cost for retreat is $1999

Early bird Rate is $1495 until 3/31

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$125 per month (for 12 months)

Full Payment

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Each day we will begin with an Egyptian Yoga session with Neter Aunkh Aakhu to awaken our bodies to a higher vibration. 

This retreat feature Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Level 1 class.  We will share techniques you can use to heal yourself and your family of stress, pain, trauma, depression, and more.  We will share tips to cultivate and master our energy, our chakras, our aura, Spirit Guides, altars, Spiritual baths, Kemetic symbols and so much more.  

We will have a powerful ancestral ceremony to help you connect with your ancestors and you will return home feeling more balanced and peaceful.

We will also have some healing adventures in lovely Jamaica.  We will visit Nanny Town, Moore Town the home of the Maroons to be immersed in the culture of the descendants of Queen Nanny who still live there.  If you have not heard of Queen Nanny google her, she is someone you should know.  It will be an honor to hear her story and spend time in this sacred place.  

We will visit the beautiful beach to be purified in the mighty Atlantic Ocean.  We will visit the famous Blue Lagoon for a bamboo raft journey along the coast.  Of course there will be time for shopping and visiting the the local market in Portland.  

This retreat is designed to give you an opportunity to unplug and renew, so that you can be a better version of yourself.

There will be a few surprises for our 10 Anniversary Celebration as well.

What's Included

  • Kemetic Reiki level 1

  • Healing Sessions

  • Egyptian Yoga

  • Guided Meditations

  • Celebration Ceremony

  • Ancestral Ceremony

  • Karma Clearing

  • Chakra Activation

  • Logding

  • Raw Meals

  • 7 days/6 nights

What's Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Personal items

  • Personal expenses

  • Expenses for extra activities


Transportation to and from airport is included. Also transportation to island adventures are included.

 Plan to fly into Kingston and

arrive by 3 pm on Nov 30th.

 Departure time is after 2 pm on Dec 5th

If you have any questions contact email

Check our fb event page as well.

Cancellation Policy:  We have a no refund policy for retreats.  Any payments made are not refundable nor transferable.