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Are you ready for a weekend of collective healing?

Winter Wellness Webinar
Jan 29, 2023
12- 6 pm

The Winter Wellness Webinar is a dynamic event set bring info to help you have a healthy winter season. Keynote speakers each day are sure to provide you wisdom and clarity. A special ceremony is set to elevate the vibrations for the event. 

Webinar includes workshops, interactive conversations, yoga, guided meditation and sound healing. The webinar will be held on zoom.



Keynote Speakers  & Topic

Good morning Nepal_edited.jpg
Seba Emmanuel of Ra Sekhi Arts Temple

Cultivating Spirituality

Sunu Lotus of Purple Lotus Wellness

Seasonal Changes & the Rhythm of Life

Natural Ways to treat seasonal affective disorder.

Rekhit Aura Agape of
Herb N Spice


Winter Detoxification & Herbal Remedies

View the recording of our webinar from 2021

Mwt Kajara Nebthet

Mama of Ceremony

Mumu Fresh
Maimouna Youssef

Heart Song

Therapeutic Songwriting & Sound Therapy

Mama Mawusi Ashshakir
 Seba Mawusi of
The Mothership Inc.

Ra Sekhi in Kemet

Explore the advanced techniques of Ra Sekhi healing.

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