Are you ready for a weekend of collective healing?

Health, Freedom, &Ascension Virtual Healers Conference

The Health, Freedom, and Ascension Virtual Healers Conference 2022 is a 2 day dynamic event set bring elevation into the new calendar year. Keynote speakers each day are sure to provide you wisdom and clarity. A special ceremony is set to elevate the vibrations for the event. 

Conference includes a Sound Therapy session, Yoga, and Ra Sekhi Vendors.



Keynote Speakers  & Topic

Kwesi Akhan
Odwirafo Kwesi Akhan

Vaccinations & Ancestral Religious Exemptions

Aura Agape
Aura Agape

Immune & Respiratory

Health and Wellness

Mwt Nekhebet

Heka & Candlework

Dr Ayaba Bey
Dr. Ayaba Bey

Initiation - Meditation - Elevation: The Power of Woman

Yoga Instructor

Carmen Carriker
Carmen Carriker

Sound Therapy

Mwt Kajara Nebthet

Spiritual Preparation for the Age of Aquarius

Mumu Fresh
Maimouna Youssef

Therapeutic Songwriting

Mama Mawusi Ashshakir
Mwt Mawusi Ashshakir

Kemetic Teachings - Parts of the Soul

Neter Aunkh
Neter Aunkh

The Kemetaphysics of Economic Health, Financial Freedom, & Ascension, A Healer's Guide

BaNAuset KaNSekhmet
BaNAuset KaNSekhmet

Breaking Generational Curses 

Through African Natural Lifestyle