Wedding Ceremonies

Create the African or Kemetic based wedding that you Desire.  We offer a few options to support the couple and family and encourage a healthy, balanced relationship.  Rekhit Kajara is available for ceremonies in Atlanta, and will travel, however travel expenses will be added to the total cost.  Here are some of the options we offer. 

Relationship Divination

Traditionally divination is performed for the couple to determine the energy of the relationship and what advice is needed to maintain a strong, stable relationship.

Marriage Consultation

We offer an opportunity to discuss the wedding options, to create your perfect ceremony and to create a marriage contract for the couple.

Family meeting

Marriage is the connection of families and families should come together before the ceremony to discuss differences and come to a place of peace.  If your family needs assistance with coming together in peace this is a great opportunity to make it so before the wedding.

Marriage Ceremony

Create a ceremony to make this the best day of your life.

Choose options that feel in alignment with you and your partner.

We will include meeting with family, wedding planner and others as needed to make your ceremony a Divine experience.

Ceremony options


Calling the ancestors and forces of the Universe to witness and support the union of the couple.

Tasting the Elements

This tradition is done with different foods to symbolize the many changes that happen in a marriage. 

Jumping the Broom

This tradition is done at the end of the vows to symbolize the new couple jumping into a new life together.  Broom is decorated.

Tying the Knot

The wrists of the couple are tied together to symbolize their coming together to be joined as one. This is usually done as the couple makes their vows to each other.

Children Vows

We offer an opportunity for vows to be made to the children of the couple to allow them to feel included in the ceremony.

Elders Share

We can take time in the ceremony to give others an opportunity to share positive words with the new couple.

Candle lighting

This ceremony symbolizes the commitment of unity between the two families that are coming together.  It is usually done after the rings are exchanged and may include the Mothers or children of the family.

Unity Sand

In the sand ceremony , both partners pour sand into a container to symbolize the unity of the union.  The container of sand can be kept to as a reminder by the couple.

Schedule an Appointment to discuss your options

to create the Kemetic or African Centered Wedding of your Dreams!!!


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