Welcome to Ra Sekhi Arts Temple

We are a community based Spiritual Organization. 

Our mission is to teach you how to heal from sickness, trauma, racism & more

using natural and traditional techniques.

We look forward to working with you!



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Journey to Kemet

Register Now for our upcoming trip to Kemet

Aug 18 - 30, 2021


Join our Summer Solstice Detox starting June 1st



Kemetic Reiki Level 1

Atlanta Jan 17, 2021



Make a donation to our Building Fund. 

We thank you in advance.

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Ritual Call

Join us for our Sunrise Ritual Call for Prayer, Meditation and more

​The Ra Sekhi Arts Temple Retreat and Healing Center will be a traditional village that appeals to earth friendly lifestyles.  We have the ability to heal ourselves with the proper nutrition and healing techniques when given the correct environment, and we intend to serve those who are striving to return to a state of health. 

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